Welcome to our Mae’s kitchen!

We're here to help you cook a delicious Thai meal you’ll feel proud of!

Who We Are

We’re Nam Jai Thai, a company that started from cravings for home cooked Thai meals by a single mom & chef Tanya and her daughters, Gigi & Lily. We want you to be able to taste our favorite sauces that were critical parts of our lives and upbringing as first generation Americans.

Humble Beginnings

Growing up, we would watch our mom cook breakfast, lunch and dinners from scratch from the kitchen counter in Washington. The kitchen became the center of our home; where we would meet, eat, laugh, and collect memories as a family each day. Soon after high school, we both headed to college, but rarely went a day without missing our mom’s home-cooked Thai meals.

Our Goal

In search of authentic Thai cafes, we have tried everything from small hole in the wall shops to Michelin starred restaurants but have not been able to find something that tasted as good as or gave us the warm, loving feeling like our mom’s food.

Continuing our Family Traditions Through Homemade Meals

When we were away from home, our mom would make sauces and seasonings then mail them to us so we could cook authentic meals at home. So, while taking on tech-firms and consulting roles, we decided, it was time we shared our mom’s cooking with the world. With our passion for authenticity and Thai culture, we finally built the company of our dreams — one that proudly celebrates Thai cuisine through authentic ingredients, stories, and communities.